Crane Trucks

Energy Cranes Crane Trucks 01 Our crane trucks are modern, well maintained and are always ready to be right where you need them to pick up, transport and drop off your loads.

Crane trucks are a great solution for transporting goods and with a maximum lifting capacity of 9 tons. The utility of their design means they are capable of much more than transport, and can be used to quickly ferry cargo such as Concrete Pits, Air-Conditioning Units, Street Lighting or even pre-fabricated steel from their location to your worksite, then lift them to wherever they are needed. This removes double handling cargo at the worksite, which saves you valuable time on the job.

No Dogman Required

Our crane truck fleet is capable of lifting loads that would normally require a crane and a dogman, so not only is our fleet more versatile and flexible than a traditional crane, it can also save you up to half the cost of hiring an equivalent crane and dogman.

Not to mention the additional headaches of co-ordinating all the equipment to arrive onsite at the same time. Our crane trucks are still able to squeeze into smaller spaces and still be incredibly useful.

When cost is an issue then why not consider using a crane truck for your next lift!

Longest Reach Crane Trucks In Brisbane

Energy Cranes Crane Truck Aircon 02

In particular, items such as air conditioning, street lighting and even signage erection for commercial and industrial applications can be hoisted by many of our crane trucks to wherever they need to go. And with our fleet boasting the longest reaching crane truck in Brisbane, up to 21 metres, the impossible becomes achievable.

If you are unsure which vehicle in our fleet will be suitable for your next job, call Energy Cranes on 07 3865 2705 , fill in the enquiry form on this page or drop in and see us at 144 Granite Street, Geebung for the experienced and honest advice you can depend upon.

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